S1 E2: The Lost Generation

In this episode, Aimée shares her diagnosis story and how Gen-X (and Gen-X women in particular) represent a “lost generation” who are, in a way, inheriting ADHD from their kids. We also talk about our tendency to overshare.

We’d love to hear about your diagnosis stories, to please feel free to share them by emailing them to us at allthethingsadhd [at] gmail [dot] com or on Twitter with the hashtag #AllTheThingsADHD.


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One thought on “S1 E2: The Lost Generation

  1. I’m enjoying your show and thank you for your generosity. One thing you might want to consider is tackling the ageism that’s crept into the way(s) you’re framing the conversation. If ADHD is genetic (which makes sense to me), folks pre-Gen X have it and have gone undiagnosed. Lo, even Boomers and the Silent Generation. How has ADHD affected your parents and grandparents?

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