S1 E3: But You’re So Successful!

In this episode, Aimée and I address one of the most common reaction we get when we tell people that we have ADHD – doubt, because we’re “so successful.” We also share how we ended up in academia and why academia was so well-suited to us and our unique perspectives. We also talk a bit about boredom.

Super-glad that I didn’t throw out the detailed recording outlines I did because it makes it so much easier to write these intro posts.


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2 thoughts on “S1 E3: But You’re So Successful!

  1. In grad school I’d write part of a paper far out from the due date as procrastination to avoid other work – then forget about it – I’d get ready to write that part of my paper (after procrastinating on it) and find a “gift” from past me…

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