S2 E8: Socially-Distant Weddings, Wrestling, and Writing (OH MY!)

*Note: We recorded this episode and scheduled to publish it before the world was set aflame. We encourage you to read anti-racist reading lists, as well as to donate to anti-racist causes locally (in Canada and in the USA). We are thinking of our own response, in terms of how to participate in the protests as neurodivergent individuals. But until then, please enjoy the regularly-scheduled episode.

We have our second guest! This conversation equally could have gone on for two-plus hours, but I have a meeting I had to get to. Welcome Dr. Julie Alexander! Aimée and I are so grateful for how open and honest Julie was, and sharing her lists, her wedding, and her strategies for writing with us. We all learning a little bit, too, about the things we struggled to let go of, but also the things we will always carry with us.

Here’s the transcript!


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