That’s right, folks, we’re back! COVID couldn’t keep the two of us down forever! In this episode we talk about how we (and our families) have been coping during the pandemic. We talk over each other a lot. It shows in the transcript.

Aimée and I (Lee) are so happy to be together again, talking to each other, and talking to you, too.

And I SWEAR I turned the metronome off this time before exporting the file as an MP3. PROMISE PROMISE.

4 thoughts on “S3 E1: WE’RE BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!

  1. Yeah!! Very nice!! I’d almost given up on updates from Canadhda, very glad you ladies are back!!
    You’re stories and attitude towards adhd has been very for me personally and professionally 🙏🏻. Very glad you’re back!😃🥳

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