S3 E3: What Does Inclusivity Look Like?

In this episode, in honor of us recording it on April 2, which was Autism Awareness Day, we discuss this year’s theme which was inclusivity (which my spell-check doesn’t even recognize as a word, so that should tell you something). We talk about what inclusivity could look like moving forward, post-pandemic, when we return to “normal” but normal was never normal for those of us who are not neurotypical, so what should change?

In true ADHD fashion, I seem to have forgotten which account I was using in Adobe Spark to create the pull-quote cards, so no exciting episode art today that teases what Aimée and I said.

Sad, I know. I’m sure they’ll be back once I run through every single on of my email accounts and figure out where these are hidden. At least I still remember how to log into Otter.ai for the transcript of the episode.


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