S4 E13: What if, wait for it, we didn’t have to fundamentally change who we are to be successful?

Ok, so Time-Blindness and ADHD Wait Mode got the best of me and I forgot to edit the next two episodes and upload them, etc, before leaving for NOLA. So now I’m writing all of this, which is the only thing standing in the way of me and Cajun food.

That doesn’t help you to know what this episode is about, so…

Aimée is troubled by her grad students’ tendency (and really, everyone’s tendency, if you don’t fall into the very narrow parameters of “normal”) to try so very hard to write or act or speak or just be someone we’re not, to fundamentally try to change ourselves. So, how do we confront, address, empower, teach, coach, educate given this reality?

Y’all. I know that didn’t make much sense but I have been up since 4:30am and I. Am. HUNGRY.

Why am I in NOLA? Oh, just doing a symposium based on collection, Me Too, Feminist Theory, and Surviving Sexual Violence in the Academy. I have an essay in there. The book is now only $40 in paperback instead of $105, so…have a look. ADHD is a part of my story, as is my role as a teacher. And, you know…Like, the title kinda says it all.

Transcript that hopefully makes more sense than this podcast blurb.

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