S4 E14: Spaces and Places and People and Being Ourselves

Still in NOLA. I *could* have waited until I got home to post this week’s episode since it’s publishing next week and not tomorrow, but then I would have inevitably forgotten, and would be scrambling, just at home (or maybe at the pool) instead of a hotel room, dreaming of Jambalaya.

This week is Part 2 of our conversation about unlearning the impulse to keep trying to be something or someone that we’re not. I use a swimming analogy. Shocker.

Why am I in NOLA? Oh, just doing a symposium based on collection, Me Too, Feminist Theory, and Surviving Sexual Violence in the Academy. I have an essay in there. The book is now only $40 in paperback instead of $105, so…have a look. ADHD is a part of my story, as is my role as a teacher. And, you know…Like, the title kinda says it all.


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