S4 E23: Crazy Advice for Neurotypical People

In the throws of insomnia, Aimée posses the question: what is the worst advice you’ve every heard which would make perfect sense if you were neurotypical, but as someone who is neurodivergent, the advice is complete nonsense?

Kinda like that sentence, AMIRIGHT?

We share ALL THE THINGS that didn’t work for us, reactions to sharing the things that do work for us from neurotypicals, and how we know what works for us isn’t what will work for everyone.

Do you want to have a transcript?

3 thoughts on “S4 E23: Crazy Advice for Neurotypical People

  1. Lee and Amy…I love you all! Aimee I can relate with sleep issues…adhd! So I hope you don’t mind telling you my experience….I too have adhd.

    So in the podcast Lee mentioned Lord’s Prayer…so I say this over and over for awhile then transition over to seeing my childhood backyard in detail…where bushes were, where grasses would grow more or less, and where shadows would be. I’d travel through my yard into neighbors…if that didn’t work I’d move into house and see details from room to room. Not putting much emphasis on emotions to the rooms but just see where furniture is. I hope this helps…I do this with old friends houses or elementary school as well.

    1. These are great strategies! It’s a little bit like when I try to progress scene by scene through National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in order, trying to remember dialogue. Boring but engrossing. Impossible but it’s fun to try …

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