S4 E27: The Summer Of Self-Acceptance

Or taking a vacation from being so hard on yourself.

It’s Friday the 13th (which we didn’t plan) and we’re releasing our 71st episode, which is an odd number to note, and also it’s our Season 4 finale! HOORAY! In this episode, Aimée declares that this should be a Summer of Self-Acceptance, so we talk about what that means and what it could look like when you’re neurodivergent.

Rest assured, we’ll be back…Eventually, sometime in the fall-ish. We’re making no promises on an exact time frame, because before we notice, it’ll be November or something even though I swear I posted this episode recently.

Take care everyone. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, have a good summer. And if you’re not, then make it the Winter of Self-Acceptance.


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