S5 E2: Revenge is a Dish Best Served to Yourself When You’re Exhausted?

Welcome back after a three-week hiatus! We sure put the amateur in amateur podcasters!

This week, it’s about sleep and how neurodivergent people tend to put off going to sleep even when we’re exhausted as some kind of revenge. The technical term has “revenge” and “bedtime” and “procrastination” in it, maybe in that order, but maybe not because I’ve already forgotten the order and I’m already in WP and I don’t want to google it.

Also, we’re averaging over 1k listens per episode, and I suspect based on interaction with you, listeners, that it’s not just one person listening to the episode over 1000 times because they keep getting distracted and missing what we’re saying. We might be at 20 of you listening 50 or so times each.

What I am saying is, thank you again for listening. We appreciate it.

Get yer transcript!

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