In this episode, both Aimée and I share our breakdowns. There are too many things. We’ve lost many (most? all?) of our spoons. My internet even had had enough while we were recording, so apologies if Aimée is garbled at times. As I said in the show, you’re lucky you’re getting this episode at all; editing the thing is one of the too many things right now.

While we’re not going to be able to record for another week, so their will be another break, I can give an update that both of us are doing what we needed to do to take better care of ourselves.

Oh, and here is the picture that I was supposed to include in a previous episode.


2 thoughts on “S5 E4: THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS

  1. I still very much enjoy the show, take care ladies, unbelievable (and very believable at the same time) what you’ve went through the past time. Your reflections help me to manage my own troubles in life. Thanks.

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