S5 E6: A Winter Solstice Gift

Hey everyone, it’s been a year for your favorite neurodivergent academic podcasters. Aimée and I did manage to get together and record one last episode for 2022. It’s about all the things we are grateful for, and we decided to release it on the longest night of the year (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), for some light and levity on a dark day after said dark year.

I realized when I was editing the episode (ok, running it through GarageBand without really listening to it) that we didn’t express how grateful we are to YOU, our faithful listeners. There’s about 1500 of you who have consistently downloaded our podcast, and that about 1498 more than we thought we would get when we started this project.

So, thank you. Consider this episode a small token of our appreciation. I hope that you take a moment to be appreciative and grateful as well no matter how dark your year has been.

Here’s a transcript.

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