S5 E7: Crip Knowledge

This was supposed to be what the last episode was about, but we took WAY too long to get here (and I am desperately trying to find where Aimée finally says it in the episode, but then gave up and just said it in the intro I recorded). Crip knowledge. Learn from it!

Transcript (where it is called crib knowledge!).

2 thoughts on “S5 E7: Crip Knowledge

  1. I am a gen x woman with adhd …. while I do not have a degree, I feel like I was ment too , if I would have had the help I needed… I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your podcast….I have a vast knowledge about adhd (from years of research of course)and may other podcast have been great for me …. that being said there is something deeper about your conversations that provide something more for me …. Even though the two of you are way more accomplished that I am, it doesn’t rub me the wrong way like other stories I listen too…. you are not afraid to really talk about the things that, we do not like other people to see about ourselves….it helps me hear you say things that I struggle with and that I have actually not heard anyone else say ….. please keep making your podcast…..Thank You , Amy Perl

    1. Sorry this took so long to approve! And so long to reply. Thanks for listening and I am so glad we are helping!

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