S6 E12: Neurodivergent Hangover Cures

It’s that time of the year for us academics: THE END OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR. What does that mean? It means that there is a rush of events and experiences and expectations that can be both enjoyable AND taxing to us neurodivergent folks.

So Aimée and I forget to introduce ourselves, go on three different side-quests, and then talk about what we have been up to, and how we have not cured the neurodivergent hangover, but at least have mitigated the effects.

I don’t have a transcript this week because Otter.ai is no longer a secure website (!?!?!?) and thus none of my browsers will allow me to visit the site in order to get said transcript. I will update this space as soon as I can access the service THAT I PAY FOR OUT  OF MY OWN POCKET.

(And I just tried to use their support email but it no longer works, and instead your have to log into their site with isn’t accessible right now and this has nothing to do with this week’s episode, but I have a text box open and need to vent.)

Update: Here is the transcript. The internet is weird these days, and not in the early days of all of us just hand-coding websites cool weird way, but the enshittification way.

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